Is seed paper sustainable?

Definitely! Seed paper is made with post-consumer materials and embedded with wildflower seeds. The paper is biodegradable and eco-friendly — trees are not harmed when producing seed paper!

When should I plant seed paper?

Seed paper can be planted outdoors and indoors. Follow best tips below:

  • Planting seed paper outdoors is most ideal, as it helps support bee populations and the ecosystem by offering habitats for birds, butterflies and other insects. If you live in an area where the ground freezes, planting in the spring is ideal. If you live in an area where the ground doesn’t freeze, planting in the fall is preferable. 
  • Seed paper can be planted in a pot of soil all year round indoors! Make sure you leave it in a sunny spot. 

How long does seed paper take to grow?

First things first, make sure that you plant your seed paper following the instructions in our How to Plant page. You should see sprouts within 7-10 days, which is super exciting! From there, future growth really depends on various factors in the surrounding environment, including the amount of light, watering and care. Typically you will see wildflowers blooming within 8-12 weeks of planting.

How long can seed paper last?

It’s recommended that you plant seed paper within two years of production. After this period, germination rates may not be optimal.